Franchise Ownership

Our challenge to you.


You only pay the price of the business. You have no further expenses. Most business of this kind charge a monthly franchise fee and advertising levy based on turnover. We don’t charge a franchise management fee nor do we charge an advertising levy.


The advantages of owning this business are numerous. Managing the business is simplicity itself. No rocket science. No experience necessary as full training is provided. In the summary below, we provide a comparison and highlight potential risks of owning a business other than one of our franchise businesses.

1. We supply the following at no cost to you:

2. Protected business territory

Most business in the market have no protection or restraint clauses that prevent a similar business from opening next door. An opposition business can open next door to you and there is nothing that you can do about it. One of the most important factors in buying a business should be:

Does it come with a protected business territory?

Our answer is “YES”. Relax!  Put the kettle on.
You have sole and exclusive rights to market a large range of products and services, totally and absolutely unhindered, in your business territory.

3. Work from home

With most businesses you are locked into a lease agreement for at least 5 years. Lease agreements have very onerous conditions with annual rental escalations that are very prohibitive. And you have no guarantee that the landlord will renew your lease when it expires so you could be out on the streets! Even worse, you have to pay the rent every month should your business fail for any reason. You are also stuck in traffic every day just to open and lock up your premises.

With us you have no landlord. You work from the comfort of your home. No travelling to work daily and sitting in queues of traffic during load shedding.

4. Work flexible hours

With most business you need to be on-site most of the day. With us you work flexible hours that suit you and your family’s needs.

5. No employees

Employee relations in South Africa are an absolute minefield and have led to many business closures. With any other type of business, be prepared to spend hours of your valuable time at the CCMA and the Labour Court. With us you have no employees! Your team of Brand Ambassadors are all Independent Contractors.

6. Stock management

Stock management and control has also been the downfall of many businesses. With any other type of business:

  • You have warehouse, staffing and overhead costs
  • You have the financial burden of controlling and shipping stock

With us you are not involved with stock management or deliveries. Orders are processed at our warehouse and delivered to the clients at no cost to you.

7. Daily administration

For most business:

  • You need a financial accounting system with associated hardware.
  • You need staff to generate quotations and invoices.
  • You need to do month-end reconciliations and manage debtors and overdue accounts.

Managing cash flow can be a nightmare. With us you do very limited administration. No messy paperwork. Reports, quotations and invoices are system generated. You don’t need to do monthly financial reconciliations. Your income and that of your Brand Ambassadors are automatically transferred to the respective bank accounts at month end.

8. Business overheads

Your business overheads can be substantial – from rent, electricity, advertising, staff salaries and wages, security, travelling, office equipment, etc. The list is endless and costs can be significant. With us your operating costs are limited to:

  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Travelling within your business territory

9. Your sales team

We assist by placing the initial advertisements for your sales team (“Brand Ambassadors”). We help you to conduct the initial interviews. We conduct the initial training. We visit you regularly providing training on new products.

Your Brand Ambassadors are your “foot soldiers” and are responsible for sales. Your main function is to keep your team focused on sales activities. Depending on the size and business density of your business territory, you could have up to 40 Brand Ambassadors reporting to you.

10. Sales team meetings

You need to meet with your Brand Ambassadors weekly in the beginning (the usual post-mortems and forward planning) and generally maintain contact during the week. Meetings can be held fortnightly once your team has settled into their routines.

11. Products that your team markets

You have exclusive rights to market our full range in your territory.

The range of products were detailed in

Please take a few minutes to visit the online store website at

Feel free to browse.

Your target market is largely businesses as we will discuss at our meeting. Therefore, the bulk of sales will be volume items.

12. Our income guarantee

Very important !


Should you not achieve our profit estimates, your full purchase price is refunded! That’s our guarantee to you.

13. Earnings

We will discuss earnings as well as all the income streams in detail over coffee. As mentioned, your Brand Ambassadors are your foot soldiers and they are “out there” all day. For that reason, we believe that they should be awarded for their efforts.

The following is a very basic summary of income allocation:

  • The Brand Ambassador initiating the sale (whether products or services of Preferred Supplier Marketing Program) earns 60% of gross profit on every sale.
  • You earn 20% of gross profit from all sales generated by all Brand Ambassadors within your territory.
  • The balance covers business overheads, sourcing of new products, issuing of free marketing material, on-going research and development, site visits to you, financial management, refresher training, performance monitoring, etc.

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