Franchise Features

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Salient features of a franchise are listed below.

Salient features of a franchise

Management fee:            We do not charge a monthly management fee.

Advertising fee:                We do not charge a monthly advertising fee.

Territorial rights:              A franchisee is granted exclusivity in respect of a Franchise Territory.

Trade Marks:                    A franchisee has the right to the use of our trademarks in all aspects in accordance with the franchise agreement.

Profile of the ideal franchisee

Franchisees should possess the following attributes:

  • Be computer literate
  • Passion for the industry
  • Be involved in all aspects
  • Have exceptional communication skills
  • Be able to motivate Brand Ambassadors
  • Adhere to our operating standards
  • Always operate with the brand’s best interests in mind
  • Be able to add value to the business

Essential equipment

We do not prescribe how the franchisee should operate, but they must have:

  • Computer or Laptop or Tablet
  • Internet connectivity
  • Mobile phone
  • Printer
  • Transport

Use of Trademark

We have developed methods for promoting businesses on the Internet using proprietary methods of doing business which are offered to the franchisee as the “Licensed Methods”. Trademarks are in the process of registration.

Trademarks will include:

  • The trade names
  • The slogan
  • The logo

Restrictions on sale of products

The franchisee is prohibited from offering or selling any ‘competitive’ products not authorized by ourselves, especially where a conflict of interest may arise.

Brand ambassador recruitment process

Sales Executives (Brand Ambassadors) are the ‘foot soldiers’ of the franchisee. The franchisee is responsible for recruiting new Brand Ambassadors. However, we will provide all assistance required in terms of advertising and interviews.


The franchisee (or person designated by the franchisee to assume primary responsibility for management of the franchise territory) is required to attend and successfully complete the initial training program which is offered at one of our designated training facilities. Training shall consist of 2 (two) day’s instruction. The franchisee will be responsible for training the Brand Ambassadors. However, we will provide assistance initially as required.

From time to time, we may present seminars, conventions or continuing development programs or conduct meetings for the benefit of the franchisee and Brand Ambassadors.

Obligations towards franchisees

Our obligations to our franchisees include providing the franchisee with:

  • adequate training for management of the franchise
  • operations manuals and instruction in the use thereof
  • best quality products at the best available prices
  • regular product marketing on behalf of the franchisee
  • additional assistance further required by the franchisee
  • keeping the franchisee abreast of latest developments in the industry

Franchise agreement

The franchise agreement remains in force “ad infinite” unless terminated as provided in the agreement. The franchise agreement is the legal document that dictates the legal, commercial and operational relationship between ourselves and the franchisee. Prospective franchisees may seek legal advice before signing the agreement.

A copy of the agreement will be forwarded on request.

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